Reason For Everything Happens

There were myriad minutes in my life that made me challenging to forget. The minute when I failed the college admission exam, the minute I didn’t win a competitors, and the minute when I shed some valuable stuffs that come from me.

They were filled with bad experience certainly. Because they were “pricey”, but also those stuff no much longer could support me to run the day and the future, Not just. These are some tales I’m attempting to remember that gave me enormous lessons in life.

I’m uncertain to what degree the lessons have added to form that I am today. But, the failing and loss as the outcome when I dropped the sphere are something that I can’t avoid by any means.

Back in 2013, when I remained in my elderly year of secondary school, the motorcycle that I used to commute every had obtained taken. This occurred when I mosted likely to a web shop (warnet) to do some stuff regarding the project, and so on, and blogging. Going to the parking area, I could not find any longer the motorcycle which brought me here. I panicked. I began weeping. I didn’t know what to do. A common teen boy that was careless to everything, I thought.

The second one happened, at that time in 2018, it was winter when Antonio -my Erasmus friend- and I traveled to Paris for 5 4 evenings and days. It was enjoyable and unforgettable journey as I met some various other gorgeous Italians folks too. Long-story brief, in the 4th day after roaming about Arc de Triomphe, I discovered that my telephone was no much longer in my coat’s pocket.

I thought that it is gone in much less compared to a min after leaving the super-packed city at Charles de Gaulle-√Čtoile terminal. A while after that, I began thought someone that took my telephone was a man that surpass me when leaving the city, and could easily grab my old-xiaomi-phone when we passed each various other right into various instructions.

To be honest, it is not simply about the smart phone, it is an issue of some various other important information in it. That smart phone might have cost me $150, but the trip it chose me was well worth every cent. Additionally, the trip ticket, my portuguese mobile financial, my keeps in mind for the project project have been shed in access as well.

Thankfully, Antonio was very helpful and obtained my back.

A year after that Paris’ disaster, I was currently back home, exactly in Banjarmasin, Indonesia. It was April 2019, when I decided to take part in PPAN (Young people Trade) choice that occurred in my home town. Beforehand, I was kind of problem in between concentrating on my thesis or taking another opportunity. But at completion, you currently understood what I eventually selected. I also flew from Surabaya to Banjarmasin two times because of modification of the schedule.

The choice itself took a week consisted of some evaluation such as written test, panel meetings, art & social efficiency, leaderless team last interview, and conversation. It took weeks for me to prepare all right stuff required for this choice but one solitary day type of failed all those preparations.

On the last day of the choice, the remaining individuals (approximately 10 people), needed to reach 6AM to get the program on schedule. Thus, I woke up quite very early to prepare myself, consumed some morning meal, dress well, read some information in situation to be asked throughout the last interview. But one point that I forgot at that shitty early morning that I needed to bring the traditional outfit for the efficiency!

As I was rush in purchase to be prompt, I quickly ordered a motorcycle-ride to take me to the location and as quickly as the trip came, I hopped on with a huge violin situation with me. Not as long after the trip, the hefty rainfall dropped. Because I didn’t want to be saturating damp at the location, so I asked the chauffeur to find a sanctuary and waited until the rainfall quit.

When I grab my backpack to take my telephone out, it obviously had not been there. My pocket was empty as well. How about my violin situation? It had not been there too. I stressed out. While the moment was ticking, I still needed to determine where my telephone was. How about my efficiency? How about the traditional outfit? How about my e-money and various other individual stuff on the telephone? Those ideas practically rattled me a great deal.

I invested approximately 2 hrs simply to locate where my damn telephone was and wound up absolutely nothing. Later on, I decided lo leave without knowing where my telephone was. Because if I quit on the choice, it meant that I shed everything I provided for the previous few days.

One of the most current loss that I encountered was the other day. I didn’t know how to respond. It happened quickly that I had not been also conscious whether it was my mistake, or someone else’s. I do not want to tell the disaster in information. The point is, there is this man, that did a scams to my account and made me a great loss nearly $700. It is one of the most expensive point I ever shed for throughout my whole life along with the loss of my brother’s motorcycle.

Again, I need time to have the ability to approve this undesirable minute. That is why I do not fancy this current loss as I provided for the previous tales happened very long period of time back.

Bewaring is a must

In everyday basis, I often could not see the woodland for the hair. I too a lot concentrated on information and forget to understand that I still need to appearance from the big picture. When it comes to a challenging or requiring circumstance, I think that being fully conscious and aware is a must.

Everything happens for a factor

I know it’s hard to allow something that you have functioned your butt off to simply vanish or being moved to an undeserved one. However, I think that everything happens for a factor.

Provided the circumstances, none of the losses have scared me greater than that the loss of ideas did. Because I understood that a life without ideas would certainly have been one of the most frightening point of perpetuity. The most awful situation, I would certainly no much longer can plan my future, I no much longer can think artistically, and I no much longer can alleviate myself if this type of problems come up ever again.

Time certainly recovers

I do still think that time recovers all injuries. Because everything that comes from us is merely short-term present.

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