The COVID-19 Story – from Idol Part 1

The specify of emergency situation for covid-19, also known as PPKM Darurat, was stated from July 3 until July 20, 2021. However, on Tuesday, the last day of PPKM Darurat, Indonesian Head of state Joko Widodo announced on his official YouTube network a five-day expansion till July 25, 2021. The factor for this is that the variety of covid-19 situations in Indonesia is quickly enhancing, and I was among them adding to the situations.

My roommate developed serious signs on Friday, someday before PPKM Darurat was executed. He had not been certain if those signs were most likely to be Covid-19’s initially. Consequently, he went off to work customarily. However, his high temperature worsened in the center of his journey so that he had not been enabled to use any public transportation.

He instantly mosted likely to the nearest center as quickly as he started to feel dizzy, various other signs, and throwing up. Later on, he texted me to notify me that he had evaluated favorable for covid-19 via a Swab Antigen Test. Already, I was astonished that I didn’t feel similarly he did.

2 days after that occasion, I started to feel dizzy. I thought, my body temperature level was obtaining greater too as I had no thermostat to accurately test it. As much as I could remember, I had been shedding my power since the previous evening when I had awful rest because of annoying signs. Finally, at 2 PM, I ordered a GoCar in purchase to take me to Bumame Farmasi, located in Sunter, North Jakarta. It was the nearest center I could find where I lived.

Thankfully, the test-taker didn’t need to wait on the outcome as we would certainly obtain informed through WhatsApp. It is truly practical when it comes to solutions! When I goinged back home and existed on my bed, I received a message informing me that the outcome was favorable.

I obtained confused about what to do next. Residing in a common house with lots of other individuals is one of the most challenging component. Fortunately, my roommate that I formerly mentioned was currently confessed to a room in a medical facility for Covid-19 therapy. Certainly, besides the effort and time he gave, he needed to wait on approximately 12 hrs in an open-space ICU (on an armed forces camp bed) before being transferred to a good center and room.

Throughout the first day of my signs, I had an awful experience. Not just did I obtain a high temperature and a migraine, but I also received various other Covis-19 signs launched by the Globe Health and wellness Company (WHO) such as aching throat, coughing, bone discomfort dan fatigue. The discomfort degree worsened significantly over the evening, and being alone with no meds or dishes was a headache. It had not been that I didn’t have food supply; it was simply that I could not ingest anything but sprinkle.

The following day in the early morning, as I could not birth any disease any much longer, I decided to visit nearby medical facilities with the help of Gojek. I visited RS Antam, which is 5km far from my place. As I obtained there, there were many various other clients whose identify were also covid-19 I thought. Among the security guards there asked me to delay after I specified my objectives. After approximately 20-minutes of waiting, a completely equipped doctor with hazmat approached me.

“Is that real that you are evaluated favorable? Did you have your test outcome with you?” he asked.

I nodded as an indication that what he was saying held true. After that, I revealed him my swab test outcome.

“I see, but sadly, we’re complete currently. It is been truly hard nowadays and we can’t also guarantee when there are available beds. If you want to simply see a physician, there is a lengthy line currently. We’re worried that when it is your transform, it’ll be after the sunlight has set.” he discussed.

Considering my problem, I didn’t think I could delay that lengthy. I say thanks to the doctor and continue to the next medical facility. This medical facility specifically RSKD Duren Sawit which is a psychological medical facility that is transformed right into a recommendation medical facility for Covid-19 therapy.

If I could show the problem of this medical facility, I could say that this was a lot even worse compared to the previous one. I asked among the security guards. However, his answer was in some way uncertain, and informed me to ask another protect. The second individual I ran right into asked me to fill out the line for covid-19 therapy. Once I finished filling the information, I had no hint what I should do next.

After a couple of hrs of waiting, I asked among the doctors.

“I currently filled out Covid-19 Therapy Form, are you aware when will I obtain informed for further actions?”

“Sadly, there’s no bed available this time around. The next client in line will be informed if a client fallen leaves. Rest right here if you wish to delay,” he discussed.

My power had been draining pipes besides the initiative and the waiting I gave. Besides, I had not had any morning meal or lunch. About 2 PM when the heat of Jakarta is incredibly intolerable, I chose going home rather. The choice made wasn’t merely worrying my individual problem. In this pandemic, I presumed that there were lots of various other clients that need the therapy compared to myself. Hence, I went home with only fatigue.

On the 3rd day of my home quarantine, a buddy of mine recommended I see a physician in a close-by sub-district degree health and wellness facility (Puskesmas). Since it is been midday, where Puskesmas was no much longer in solution, I decided to find the next day rather.

The day where I planned to visit Puskesmas, I went at 09.00 AM. It was jam-packed and overruning with clients entirely their families. It was much like RS Antam problem, the place where I mosted likely to recently, but in a smaller sized space. There was this registered nurse, I wager her age is about 35yo, that got on standby at the front entrance.

“I’m sorry, we just offer clients through telemedicine. Most of the clients are doing home quarantine as well. Please write this number down and message the contact through WhatsApp,” she detailed.

In much less compared to 10 mins in Puskesmas, I goinged back home later. Through the WhatsApp messages, the registered nurse advised me to perform a PCR Test which just is held 3 times a week, every Monday, Friday, and Wednesday.

On Wednesday, I finished the PCR Test and returned home with no medication, still. When I asked regarding the approximated outcome time. “It normally takes 5-7 days,” among the registered nurses replied.

I was wondering in a helpless manner, what would certainly they do to me next regarding my health and wellness?

The tale proceeds …

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